Our Projects
Kenya shipyards Limited is mainly designed for ship building, however, its roles in support of industry and developmental engineering is prominent. It has a record of service to rail industry and general engineering and has promoted further diversifications of its general engineering activities


KSL Projects

Kenya Shipyards Limited has constructed a 100-meter Wagon ferry in Lake Victoria with the collaboration of Damen Shipyards under the transfer of technology.

The technology is mostly related to the construction of the ship hulls and out-fitting.

KSL has also undertaken a mid-life refit of one of the Kenya Navy ships and maintained and repairing numerous vessels belonging to MDAs.


We are promoting the development of the Blue Economy within Lake Victoria Basin by dredging the approaches to Kisumu Port, Kenya Petroleum Company jetty, and around the avenues of approach to shipbuilding and repair facilities.

KSL is also upgrading the Kisumu Shipyard to create more shipbuilding and repair areas and conform with today’s ship construction technology.

We are also engaged in remanufacturing and revitalization of Kenya Railways locomotives at central workshops in Nairobi.

Construction of MV Uhuru II

Construction Of MV UHURU II Wagon Ferry In the Kisumu shipyard

Refit of KNS Shupavu

On-going maintenance and refit of Kenya Navy MV Shupavu at the Mutongwe Slipway

Kenya Railways

Kenya Railway Locomotives Maintenance at the Nairobi workshop
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