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Kenya shipyards Limited is mainly designed for ship building, however, its roles in support of industry and developmental engineering is prominent. It has a record of service to rail industry and general engineering and has promoted further diversifications of its general engineering activities

MV Uhuru II Wagon Ferry

Kenya Shipyards Limited has been tasked to construct MV Uhuru II wagon ferry for the Kenya Railways Corporation. The MV Uhuru II is a cargo ship currently under construction, designed to transport cargo within Lake Victoria. It is a powerful and reliable vessel, equipped with a range of sophisticated systems that are essential for its safe and efficient operation.

MV Uhuru II is a state-of-the-art cargo ship, equipped with a range of advanced systems that are essential for its safe and efficient operation. From its hull structure and piping systems to its engines, electrical equipment, and firefighting system, every aspect of the ship has been carefully designed and constructed to ensure that it is able to meet the demanding needs of commercial shipping.

Kenya Shipyards Limited products includes

Kenya Shipyards Limited has the capability of constructing Barges, Fishing Boats, Tugs, Pilot Boats, Speedboats, Dredgers, Freighters, Ocean Survey and Research Vessels, Ferries, Yachts, and others.

We also work closely with Parteners. private sectors and MDA  such as Damen, KRA, KPA, KMA among others in order to ensure we deliver highly efficient, internationally accredites ships and vessels while meeting both local and international demands.


Type: Wagon Ferry

Length: 100m
Capacity: 1800 tonnes, 2 million litres
Carrying: 22 wagons


Type: pilot boat

Length: 22.7m
Capacity: 10 persons
Max speed: 20knots

MV pate

Type: pilot boat

Length: 29,70 m
Capacity: 8 people
Max Speed: 12 knots

kra 008

Type: speed boat

Length: 6.3m
Capacity: 4 Persons
Max Speed: 60km/h