“Inspire Inclusion: Women Redefining Success in the 21st Century”

Kenya Shipyards Limited is in a high-priority strategic sector that undertakes construction, repairs, maintenance, and refit of vessels for Ministries Departments and Agencies and private and regional clients. Anchored by the motto of catalysing the shipbuilding industry in the eastern African region, KSL has entrenched women in all its endeavours and the management raises awareness against the bias that surrounds women and celebrates their achievements. By so doing, its corporate ethos is aligned with the International Women’s Day 2024 theme of “Inspire Inclusion”.

Considering that ship construction, repairs, and maintenance is an assembly industry dominated by male counterparts, KSL management has integrated and provided for women not only in managerial positions, decision-making, operations, and security but also in service departments like hospitality and corporate communications. By so doing, women’s inclusion in manufacturing helps in the attainment of SDG 5 which provides equal access to opportunities for women.

In honour of #IWD 2024, KSL facilities in Mombasa, Nairobi, and Kisumu hosted women to a special luncheon, virtual videoconferencing with other branches and received commendations from the Managing Director Maj Gen Otieno. Discussions were around career, experiences overcoming bias, self-care, identity, mental health and wellness, diversity, and inclusion among others.

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