Principal Secretary Geoffrey Kaituko had a meeting with the MD of Kenya Shipyards Ltd, Maj. Gen. Paul Otieno.

Principal Secretary Geoffrey Kaituko recently held a courtesy meeting with Maj. Gen. Paul Otieno, the MD of Kenya Shipyards Ltd.

Since its inception in 2020, Kenya ShipYards Ltd has played a pivotal role in implementing innovative programs and ambitious projects that have significantly influenced the shipbuilding industry.

During the meeting, both parties agreed to collaborate closely with various stakeholders in the shipping and maritime sector to advance it to new heights.

The state-owned company envisions being the primary catalyst for the development of the shipbuilding industry in Eastern Africa. It is tasked with spearheading and facilitating the establishment of the new shipbuilding sector in the region, with a specific focus on addressing the local demand from entities such as the Kenya Navy, MDAs with maritime assets, as well as other public and private domestic and regional clients.

The core functions of Kenya ShipYards Ltd encompass:

  1. Design and construction of new ships and ship components.
  2. Ship repair and maintenance.
  3. Ship refit and conversion.
  4. Provision of other maritime services.

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